Saltway Team Ministry

'Salt and Light'


The services taking place during June are as follows:

Sunday 5th June (Pentecost) (Platinum Jubilee)

9.30 am             Zoom Service                                    Online

9.30 am          Jubilee Celebration Service    St Peter’s

11.00 am         Holy Eucharist (Pentecost)     St Augustine’s

11.00 am            Contemporary Gathering                 St Andrew’

                          (Bring and Share Lunch Following)

Sunday 12th June (Trinity Sunday)

8.00 am            Holy Eucharist (said)                 St Augustine’s

9.30 am             Zoom Service                               Online

9.30 am             Holy Communion                       St Peter’s

11.00 am           Holy Communion                       Salwarpe

11.00 am           Contemporary Gathering          St Andrew’s

Sunday 19th June (Trinity 1)

9.30 am          Zoom Service [Cancelled]

9.30 am             Holy Communion                       Martin Hussingtree

11.00 am           Holy Eucharist                             St Augustine’s

11.00 am           Contemporary Gathering           St Andrew’s

Sunday 26th June (Trinity 2)

8.00 am             Holy Eucharist (said)                  St Augustine’s

9.30 am              Zoom Service                               Online

9.30 am           Songs of Praise                       St Peter’s

11.00 am            Holy Communion                         Salwarpe

11.00 am            Contemporary Gathering            St Andrew’s


Mid-Week Service of Holy Communion

Every Wednesday at St Andrew’s 10.30 am.

Communion is distributed in one kind (bread only).

Refreshments are served after services at St Peter’s and St Andrew’s.

Mid-Week Service – Every Wednesday at St Andrew’s 10.30 am.

Zoom Service - more details on how to access this service can be found here. 

Our contemporary service takes place every week at 11am at St Andrew's Church.