St Andrew's Church

St Andrew's Church, which stands on the corner of Droitwich High Street and St Andrew's Street, is opposite the old town hall, although its dominant position in the town centre has now been largely obscured by the number of buildings around it. A new walkway and marketplace leading from the Waitrose car-park into the High Street has helped restore its visibility, and we hope it will have a part to play in the regeneration of this oldest part of our town.

St Andrew's

Parts of the building are Norman, and it is most likely the church in which St Richard was baptised and worshipped in the early part of his life. The church underwent significant rebuilding in the 1920s as a result of subsidence, which had made the tower dangerous, so that it had to be removed.

The church contains a number of memorials, most noticeably that of Captain Norbury, whose family vault lies in Dodderhill churchyard. He was a naval officer, who distinguished himself by his service in the West Indies, and also served as an envoy from George I to the Court of Morocco, and was engaged in negotiations to free slaves.

St Andrew's today

As well as the regular services (see panel to top right), the town's main civic and remembrance day services also happen in this church. Adjoining the church is our Parish Centre and office, and St Andrew's is the busiest of our buildings on weekdays. Currently we are looking at how to develop its role further as the church of the civic and commercial community.